JobTech Online Jobs Scan Records 30% Increase In Electronics & Semiconductor Sector Jobs In 1Q2017

Singapore, 26 May 2017 – JobTechTM job monitoring technology recorded an increase of more than 600 unique online job postings in the Singapore Electronics & Semiconductor sector in 1Q 2017; over the 2,000 unique Electronics & Semiconductor sector online job postings captured in 4Q 2016.

This represents a 30% increase in online job postings when 1Q 2017 is compared with 4Q 2016.

In addition, JobTech also noted the emergence of 10 additional domain knowledge areas and 22 additional technical skills that showed up in the 1Q 2017 job scan. Some of the emerging domain knowledge areas sought by employers included: Vulnerability Management, Software Validation, Mix-Signal, Clean Technology, SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocols) and more.

For the emerging technical skills sought-after by employers, the list included: Adobe Designer Software, BPM (Business Process Management), Powershell, Logic Analyzers, Training Needs Analysis and more.

In addition, JobTechTM has identified the most sought-after skills by employers in the Electronics & Semiconductor sector in Singapore.


Rank Technical skills   Rank Soft Skills/ Traits   Rank Domain Knowledge
1 Microsoft Office 1 Communication 1 Engineering
2 Sales 2 Interpersonal 2 Manufacturing
3 Analysis 3 Team Player 3 Science and Technology
4 Technical Design 4 Meticulous 4 Protocols
5 Liaison 5 Independent 5 Software

Across the entire Electronics & Semiconductor sector, common skills and attributes sought by employers include: proficiency in Microsoft Office, Sales, Mechanical Analysis, Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, being a Team Player, Understanding of Engineering and Manufacturing knowledge.


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JobTechTM will continue to provide flash reports covering key sectors in the Singapore economy, with a focus on highly sought-after skills and labor market trends. In this regard, JobTechTM is using its Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to provide visibility and analysis of the online jobs market in Singapore to support companies and decision makers there.

More detailed information can be found in JobTechTM’s Quarterly Sector Reports.

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