Who We Are.

EDIS is a privately-owned investment and development firm. We acquire, invest in and manage businesses that develop specialized solutions to address the needs of the digital economy in areas such as education and job creation. Our investments seek to create positive economic impact and long-term value for our partners.

Investment Philosophy.

 No industry lasts forever. Every five years, you have to start planning for a new industry

-Philip Yeo, Chairman EDIS.

We are paranoid about change.

We help our companies stay on top of industry trends and pivot where necessary in order to address fast-changing business challenges and opportunities.

Adding value in our businesses

We play an active role in growing our companies. We support founders and teams in every step towards realizing their dreams through business coaching, industry networks and relationships.

Data-driven investment analyses

We tap diverse data sources to identify and monitor demand and growth trends. Alternative datasets such as online social media and hiring data are combined with industry intelligence and technology know-how gathered in-house and through our network of global relationships to inform investment theses and decisions.

Our Leadership.

Our management team brings a combination of financial and operational experience, global industry expertise and relationships across diverse and technology-driven sectors.

Philip Yeo


Abel Ang