Talent Development

“I believe in catching them young and grooming them. The Spartans took the kid at seven years old and trained him to be a fighter. He was released from the military at 30. That’s how Sparta became powerful despite only a population of 20,000. If you want to develop talent, you must start nurturing them from young.”

EDIS Chairman, Mr Philip Yeo
Extracted from Mr Philip Yeo’s authorised biography, Neither Civil Nor Servant, Nov 2016


EDIS Internship Recruitment Program

EDIS is a dynamic and fast-growing company that seeks talented individuals who want to be part of its growing business. Our Internship Recruitment Program provides students and undergraduates with the opportunity to gain practical work experience and an introduction to EDIS’s culture and management philosophy.

As an intern, you get to work with industry veterans in an empowering and flexible work environment. We work together as a team to create value for our customers and community. Find out more about the available openings from our Linkedin page.

Hear From Our People

Ji Ronghui
Business Development

“I have always loved what I studied as an economics major, so as graduation approached, many told me that I should be looking for a public sector job in order to practice what I learnt.

At the back of my mind, I wished for my dream job, which would preferably allow me to work on economic related work that is value-creating for society, yet able to enjoy the dynamism and competitive landscape of the private sector; work in a company with global presence yet able to enjoy a flat hierarchy of leadership.

After joining EDIS, work literally gets the upper hand as compared to school because it’s just so fun and meaningful. I got to work in a team of talented and experienced individuals who then became more than just mentors at work, we forged friendship beyond work, which in turn has blessed the team with even more synergy. The EDIS team is dynamic and empowering because of the EDIS individuals, though each unique in their very special ways, embrace a common set of core values in mind. I am so priviledged to be part of the EDIS family where professionalism intersects with flexibility, this is indeed the place where personal and career development go hand in hand!”