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Corporate Headquarters @ one-north

The EDIS HQ is located at Fusionopolis, one-north, Singapore. The 200-ha one-north development epitomizes the work-live-play-and-learn and industry clustering concept that EDIS strives to achieve in our projects. The one-north concept was driven by EDIS’s Chairman, Mr Philip Yeo, in 2001, when he was Chairman of the National Science and Technology Board (now known as the Agency for Science, Technology and Research, A*STAR).


3 Fusionopolis Way
Symbiosis Tower #21-20
Singapore 138633
Tel: +65 6908 7656
Fax: +65 6463 0186

“Work, live, play and learn at one-north”

One-north is a business and technology park that was designed to be an integrated “living city”. Buildings are organized in 3 main industry clusters named Biopolis (for biomedical sciences and research), Fusionopolis (for information and communications technology and science and engineering), and Mediapolis (for creative media). The clusters are integrated with retail, F&B, entertainment and leisure components. Over the past 15 years since inception, one-north has attracted US$5b of investments, out of which more than US$3b came from private companies.

“Best View of southern Singapore”

The EDIS HQ office is located on the top floor of the Symbiosis Tower in Fusionopolis. Visitors to the office are usually treated to a narrative of Singapore’s economic and urban transformation through a tour of the sky garden which offers panoramic views of the one-north development and other key establishments such as Jurong Island, the port and downtown financial centre.

“Singapore’s version of San Francisco’s Silicon Valley”

Situated across the EDIS HQ is LaunchPad @ one-north, widely dubbed as Singapore’s version of San Francisco’s Silicon Valley. LaunchPad is a vibrant start-up ecosystem of entrepreneurs, incubators and accelerators combined with entertainment and F&B components. Over 500 start-ups are currently located at LaunchPad and this is expected to grow to 750 by 2017. EDIS embraces the spirit of entrepreneurship and actively seeks opportunities to collaborate with start-ups that are situated across. EDIS is also open to exploring co-working arrangements with technology start-ups that are able to value add to EDIS’s work.