Creating quality jobs and accelerating economic development worldwide.

We offer advice to strategic projects in the development and management of integrated industrial and urban areas. Leveraging our leadership’s successful township and industrial park developments across Asia, we work with developers, entrepreneurs, governments and investors to promote and deliver sustainable economic development worldwide.

Non-Traditional CSR Model.

Our CSR programmes are designed to make a direct and long-lasting positive impact on our beneficiaries.

At EDIS Cares, we create opportunities for children from low-income families to reach their potential through special programmes designed to inspire and build self-confidence as well as identify and address learning challenges.

We believe that education is key to a successful future.

ELP is an intervention programme for six to seven-year-olds who have not yet attained the literacy and numeracy levels for their age group.

iShine is a thematic, hands-on exploratory learning programme that seeks to uncover children’s hidden talents and nurture new interests.

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