Integrated Industrial & Urban Development

New Growth Opportunities

Rapid urbanisation is a global trend. To cope with this, cities of the future will need to be compact, integrated and resource efficient. Governments everywhere are striving to lift living standards. Similarly, urban dwellers are aspiring for higher quality lives and living environments.

EDIS, with its deep global experiences in urban and economic planning, is well positioned to tap into this global trend to create new urban and economic spaces, and expand upon existing ones, to create sustainable urban communities globally.

Project Development and Management

EDIS manages the full cycle of project development and management from inception to exit. Our projects are platforms that Singapore companies can plug into and benefit from profitable business opportunities. EDIS adopts an inclusive approach and works with global business associations and companies to assess and participate in these opportunities.

Key Project

EDIS is developing a mixed-use development comprising commercial, residential and retail space with a total GFA of at least 1.6 million sqft. EDIS structured the joint-venture development, and is providing project management and investment promotion services to the joint-venture company.