Leading private educator in Singapore Mathematics.

  • Proven pedagogy that contributes to Singapore being ranked #1 worldwide by PISA.
  • Strong management team with commitment towards STEM development.
  • Proven operating track record with franchise support system to support rapid scaling.

Deep-tech start-up that analyses labour market data to empower a skills-based labour market.

  • Created to address the growing demand for real-time labour market sensing and matching solutions.
  • Key partner in Singapore’s smart nation initiatives, advising the government on labour market demands and upskilling opportunities to create a learning workforce.

AI-driven enterprise solutions that boost productivity and enhance knowledge retention.

  • Personalised AI Agents to model the likes of human working professionals.
  • Ontological and reasoning framework for behavioural and knowledge modelling, and contextualisation.
  • Deep neural network for natural language processing, automatic speech recognition, computer vision, and ontological learning and evolution.