The EDIS Difference

Economic Analysis is our Starting Point

EDIS is a true economic development firm. We evaluate all projects based on economic fundamentals and measure our success by the number of quality jobs we create. We help to achieve economic development objectives that are integrated with urban design considerations. We strive to create new clusters of economic development with opportunities to live, work, learn and play in sustainable and innovative urban spaces.

Capability and Experience

EDIS is made up of individuals with public and private sector experience in industry development, investment promotion, urban planning, township development and management. The EDIS management team and network of consultants have played a key role in Singapore’s economic transformation and in developing the regional townships and industrial parks. Read about the team’s capabilities and experience at Our Executive Team.

Execution Focused

EDIS recommends specific actions and interventions to drive the implementation of proposed economic and urban development plans. We provide procedures and guidelines that are adapted to the local context. We combine our industry knowledge and networks to attract companies to locate in our projects. Read about our investment promotion services here. We walk the talk through actual project execution such as the development and management of a mixed-use Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) space in Penang, Malaysia. Read about the project here.