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Non traditional CSR Model

EDIS Cares is the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of Economic Development Innovations Singapore (EDIS).

At EDIS Cares, opportunities are created for children from low-income families to realise their potential. Tailored programs are crafted to inspire and build self-confidence in these children. The programs also help to identify and address learning challenges.

EDIS Cares’ maiden iShine program launched in Greendale Primary School (Punggol) in 2016. To-date, S$1.5 million had been donated to underprivileged children in Singapore via EDIS Cares. These children and their families are direct beneficiaries of the various programs.

EDIS Cares does CSR differently

Beyond financial donations. EDIS Cares co-runs and owns the early intervention programs with other non-profit partners.


Direct outreach. EDIS Cares actively engages external volunteers and organisations to make a collective difference.


Education a key tenet. Education undergirds the programs and activities at EDIS Cares. This serves as the basis for impacting  lives of the programs’ beneficiaries.


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Our Partners

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Our CSR programmes are designed to make a direct and long-lasting
positive impact on our beneficiaries

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